Groom's Cake in Progress

I decided it was in my best interest to take a “sick” day from my regular day job today and stay home and get this groom’s cake done for tomorrow afternoon. It’s not a total lie … I really am *sick* of my day job. I’m hoping that I can get most of this cake finished by the time Jay gets home and we run out to BJ’s for my eye exam and a quick shopping run.Of course, I couldn’t just make a simple cake, even though it is free. I decided that I would try to make a Red Sox baseball hat, as the bride wanted a surprise groom’s cake in the same theme as the engagement cake I made for them. I can almost guarantee that my cake will taste better than their wedding cake. Alas, I wasn’t asked to make the wedding cake. Something tells me that the cost of the cake was a part of their wedding package. I would rather make this groom’s cake though – it’s much more fun than a traditional wedding cake.

I did all the baking and prepped the ganache and hazelnut buttercream last night, so I was at decorating stage first thing this morning. I’ve stacked, filled & trimmed three layers of cake and stowed in away to chill again while I had a fondant workout. I swear if I was a full-time cake maker I would be much stronger than I am now! Mixing in blue and black color into white fondant to get a navy hue takes a lot of kneading. It’s not the perfect navy that I had hoped to acheive, but it does resemble the color of a hat that has spent a lot of time in the sun. So, I have a sun-washed navy and a vibrant red (also hard to get, but luckily I only needed a very small portion of red).

Procrastination has come in the form of this blog at the moment. That being said, I really should go and get back into the cake groove. Time for frosting and wrapping in fondant… and the dreaded hat lip forming. Fondant in the summer has it’s own mind I tell you. I wonder if it will dry in time. I did read that adding in gumpaste helps the drying process – but I don’t have any of that hanging around – so it’s just gonna be what it is!

More on the progress later ….

One response to “Groom's Cake in Progress

  1. The cake sounds really cool to me..I bet it tastes great too..ummm hazelnut..Yummy..Just make sure that when you get people who want to charge them enough so that you make a profit!!!

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