The Cake Shimmy

I am the shim queen – with furniture.  Shimming cake still makes me nervous.  However, after I frosted this cake I realized that a baseball hat is not a perfect dome.  After a few phone calls & emails consulting my “cake structure” staff, I decided I just had to shim it.  Hopefully it all stays together with some buttercream “glue”!

A gut feeling tells me I’m not going to completely love this first attempt at a hat cake.  Then again, when do I totally love something that I’ve made – especially for the first time?  I am my own worst critic by far.

Random thought du jour …. wouldn’t it be nice if we could just trim and dress ourselves as easily as we can trim and dress cake?  How luxurious it would be to be coated in silken chocolate or buttercream …

Maybe working with cake all day has gotten to my head … and I haven’t even gotten to the “fun” part yet … fondant play that reminds me of playing with play-doh as a kid.  When I actually get paid enough money to make “play” with sugarpaste and frosting “work”, then I’ll know I’ve chosen the right path.

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