Cookie Therapy

Before I even considered a career in the culinary world, I used to bake whenever I got too stressed out or life was getting me down. There was something about the alchemy of the simple task of cookie baking that was simply calming. I am pleased to say that even after culinary school and starting up a confectionery side business, cookie baking is still like therapy for me.

After working like a dog yesterday in the office, I managed to get everything done so I could not do any work from home, on my “work from home” day. I couldn’t have picked a better day either – got only 2 work emails and 1 voicemail the entire day. If I had been sitting at work, I would have been going mad with boredom.  How happy am I that I got to spend the day in the kitchen instead!
I spent the entire morning going through my cookbooks and making a chart of oatmeal cookie recipes I’ve never made. So far, I’ve made 4 recipes out of the 12 I jotted down. Since I’m halving all the recipes, the baking is going fairly quickly and I think I may actually get more made than I initially thought I could! Of course I’ll have to make my old standby recipe as well since I’m doing an unofficial recipe test tomorrow. I’ve numbered each recipe and placed 2 cookies of each recipe in small numbered ziploc bags for my testers. In the sample – two coworkers – one male, one female; a fellow pastry chef (female); & Jay (who I will bribe with a secret non-cookie recipe that I am making right this second … *hint* it takes over 3 hours to make this dish he loves).

I shall reveal the winning recipe & source here when the results are in!

On a side note, I am hoping that after a relaxing day at home, truffle-dog making this evening will go a little more smoothly than it did the first time around (pictures are just too horrid to post).

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