Cookies, Dogs, and Pepperoni

Not a bad day … I have a grand total of seven different kinds of oatmeal cookies made for testing, and one batch of Aloha Chip cookies made for a special someone 🙂 The chocolate dog experiment tonight went much better (see below) and Jay came home to 2 loaves of pepperoni bread, which he seemed quite happy about. My oven was on from noon to 9 PM, and I couldn’t be happier. If only every day could be like today!

The kitchen is currently in a state of chocolate chaos as the dogs were the very last thing to get done in the wee hours of the morning. I have no energy to go and clean any of it either – so it’ll just have to wait for me until Saturday morning, because tomorrow night we’re heading out after work for dinner and drinks.

I hope the dogs survive transit in the morning. I’ve finagled a ride in because I have so much to shelp in and we’re going out after work, so it’ll be a much nicer, more consistent temperature than my commute would normally be. That was my main motivation to get the dogs done tonight.

Of course, after such an energizing day in the kitchen, I’m totally not tired at all, and it’s 1:31 AM. Maybe I’ll go and finish my hat ….


Thanks to both Jay & Lisa for brainstorming ways to make this round of dogs much easier and better looking! Apparently bottom disks, a human enrober, slightly liquefied white chocolate with cocoa butter, and a modified piping tip did the trick!

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