Cake, cake & more cake …

I feel like I should apologize for being blog-neglectful. I have a list that I’ve been toting around of things that I feel should be up on here, but I seem to have the knack of finding something to be doing instead of sitting in front of a computer lately. Today that something involved … cake!

Technically I’m on vacation until the rest of the week. In reality, I’m baking and cake & cookie decorating with a fellow pastry chef friend who has been happily inundated with orders. Today’s tally included baking 14 dozen standard size yellow cupcakes (that’s 168 cupcakes!!), 48 mini cupcakes, 2 yellow butter cakes, one giant red velvet square cake, and a monstrous devil’s food cake. Since we are so on schedule … we’re now going out for some well deserved drinks! I’m hoping that we can get almost everything we need done for the upcoming weekend’s orders tomorrow so that Friday we can get out and enjoy some downtime before the stressful wedding cake drive into NYC. They should make “Wedding Cake in Transit” signs that pastry chefs can put on the back of our cars so people steer clear of us in our most neurotic state. Baby on board? HA! Try driving a tiered cake with delicate decorations through a city with potholes, stop and go traffic, and pedestrians and taxi drivers who couldn’t care less!!!!!!!!!!

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