The Bride Update ….

Still haven’t heard back from the wedding cake lady … and I doubt I will. Fine with me.  The last thing I need is more aggravation.  At this point, even if she does respond, I’ll just have to tell her that I am too busy.  Hey … no money has exchanged hands, and apparently she doesn’t want to pay the price I’m charging, which is not unreasonable at all as far as wedding cakes go.  Good luck finding anyone in NYC to sell you a decent wedding cake for $2.50 a person!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

On the other hand, the lady from my office who ordered the chocolate truffle dogs, sent me an email telling me that she loved the truffles so much that she posted them on a wedding website (click the picture to bring it up).  On top of that, she also gave me a 50% deposit check today.  Woo Hoo!


How sweet is that?!

If only all customers could be as awesome as her ….

I’ve now become slightly obsessed with how to get my creations in a magazine.  Anyone know a good publicist?

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