Pig Cake


“Pig Over the Coals”

Seems I’m looking for excuses these days to make fun cakes … and a pig roast we were attending this past Sunday gave me the perfect excuse to attempt Pig Cake I. It didn’t come out exactly as I had hoped, and it was more a design that Jay wanted than I did, but all in all it came out fairly cute I think. I had to keep reminding myself it was FREE, and for that reason alone I shouldn’t beat myself up about the end product so much. Of course, the perfectionist in me would not stop. The chocolate brownie cookie “briquettes” were my favorite part of the whole thing. I came up with the idea to serve the pig on a grill rack (actually a cooling rack) and put it over the cookie briquettes in a late night lightbulb moment. Most of the people at the party got it and loved it, including our hosts and all the kids at the party … some complained the cookies were too chocolaty (THEY ARE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE COOKIES PEOPLE!) and some appeared kind of appalled at such a cake (bah to all of them!). I did hand out a few cards, and it still feels kind of strange for me to do so. I have to get better at promoting myself. I bet if I was more proud of the cake I would have been chatting it up more. Although, walking around and hearing people’s comments, without having them know it was me who made the cake was pretty entertaining. I do think that the base cake sans pointed ears and with rounded legs instead of square would make a kickin’ bear rug cake though.

Things learned in this go ’round ….

I will NEVER use cream cheese frosting for external decorating on a sculpted cake ever again – it is WAY too liquidy.

I will ALWAYS put in more red food coloring into my red velvet cakes so they are actually RED and not a sad kind of red or horrid brown color when they are baked.

I will try to never rush and bake three cakes of different sizes at once in my small non-convection oven, especially when one is a dome cake (let’s not go into the horribleness of cake consistency in this oinker). Although, this can be very tempting to do when one only has one oven and limited time.

I really need to try to be easier on myself … especially when the cakes are non-commissioned FREE cakes.

Next up …

A paid order! A carrot cake with German Shepherd design for my boss’s wife that needs to get baked and decorated tonight.

And also, a few cakes for friends … which means I can make anything I want since they are free! Let’s see if fight cake still holds true to it’s name …. ;D

2 responses to “Pig Cake

  1. i think its great!!!

  2. I am sending this to my husband. He barbecues whole hogs for a living. Very fun idea!!!

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