Sristi Book Release Cake

All in all, I’m fairly happy with the end result on this cake. It took me all of yesterday, and a few hours this morning (I finished somewhere around 1:30 after photographing, etc.) and here it is. If this was a full price commission it would have been a little more detailed, but for the money paid (about 1/2 price) I think it’s pretty generous! I’ve included a photocopy of the actual book cover for comparison. Here’s a link for the actual book, Sristi by Sharmila Desai. For anyone interested in ordering cakes, chocolates or any other confections … don’t forget to check out SweetElement!

Sristi Book Cake

Shiny chocolate is so hard to photograph!

Sristi Book Cake

The buttercream sides of the cake were combed to look like pages.

Sristi Book Cake (Spine View)

Side view for a look at the spine.


Hair detail shot.


Actual photocopy of the book cover that I used as a template.

[Just got paid the remainder for the cake, got an extra $10 – and the icing on this order – was being told the cake was worth at least $300 if not more. I love hearing things like that. I’ve given a whole stack of cards along with the cake, so hopefully this will bring me some more orders and expand the business.]

[Ms. L.P. – I’m throwing down some red ribbon on the floor tonight!!!]

3 responses to “Sristi Book Release Cake

  1. This is absolutely stunning. I can’t even imagine what a ‘full price’ commission would look like. I’m not a baker or a cake maker, but I think its fantastic.

  2. Absolutely awesome! Re: Red Ribbon…I suggest a bunch of it. Not just a strand. 😉

  3. Awesome! Looks delicious too.

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