Chocolate Update

While I was finishing the holiday chocolates I was inspired to make a crunchy peanut butter ganache layered with caramel in a dark chocolate shell. DELICIOUS. I am tempted to keep them all to myself, but as it’s Christmas, I am giving them to some very special people. If I can remember I’ll cut one sacrificial one later and take a cross-section photo to post here. I also made some smoked almond caramels which I have yet to try … but Jay has already claimed some for himself 🙂 I’m thinking my family and friends more inclined to like savory items will like those a lot.

All holiday chocolates are now made. *GIANT SIGH OF RELIEF*

All chocolate and gifts that need to go with us to Toms River today has been packaged up. That means that I have to shower and jump in the car to get coffee, knit and head on down for Christmas gathering #1 with Jay and family. At least it’s a relaxing event. I need some relaxing about now. And I am going to try VERY hard not to think of all the work I need to do packaging up food gifts for my family when I return home tonight.

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