Buddhist Anniversary Cake

Last week was extremely busy … besides the poker cake I was also working on my grandparent’s anniversary party cake and petit fours … here’s some photos of the cake …


I know my masking job leaves much to be desired … but at after working on a slew of things and having the finishing work on the cake being done at 3 AM and since the cake was a free one for my family, I just decided to let the imperfections be and not obsess. At that point, sleep became much more important than squared corners. I wouldn’t have been so crunched for time if the orange curd I had made the weekend prior had come out right. However, when I went to fill the cake, I found the curd all grainy and watery, so off to the trash it went. In panic mode at that point since time was so critical, I decided the best alternative was to get some pears to poach and fold into the vanilla buttercream I was going to frost the cake with. Thus, the new filling became poached pear and buttercream. I was really happy with the way the chocolate buddha and the cherry blossom tree turned out though. And that alone makes me able to look at the cake and smile, horrid masking job and all ….

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