Mr. Met Groom’s Cake

Even after the hat disaster and the general difficulty of working with fondant and large cakes in extremely humid weather … I think this latest groom’s cake came out fairly well.

The best (& worst) part of the whole order was delivery though. While I was walking to the church with this 50-60 lb cake (my shoulders paid for that for the next few days I tell you) random tourists on the streets of Chinatown asked if they could take my picture with the cake and I heard a lot of “Hey …. that’s a cool cake!” But when I actually delivered the cake to the woman who ordered it … all she was concerned with was there was no box. I usually get to deal with people that are really excited about the actual cake … so having to contend with someone that was very agitated because there was no box was a bit of a shock. As far as I know … giant decorated cakes (this was on a 18″ board) normally don’t come in boxes! Besides I never would have been able to manage carrying a 20″ x 20″ box myself for delivery. BAH! I do hope the groom enjoyed the surprise though …

Mr Met Cake

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