Unusual Suspects Cake … & Cast!

Throughout the month of August, my friend Stu’s Derek Sonderfan’s play, Unusual Suspects the Musical kept me extremely busy creating pastries – which played a large role throughout the show, as I learned when Jay & I were in the audience during the final show.

As a gift to the cast, I made the cake below to celebrate what I knew in advance would be an awesome show.  They definitely did not disappoint!  Let’s just say it’s a good thing we went on empty bladders or else we just might have left some wet seats!!!

So without further adieu … here are some photos of both the cake and the Unusual Suspects the Musical cast!

Red velvet cake layered with coconut & coconut buttercream,
frosted in vanilla buttercream, covered in chocolate fondant
and decorated with royal icing

The Unusual Suspects the Musical Cast on a very hot rooftop with
a melting cake!


Just one example of the petit fours
made for the show …

chocolate pyramid cakes!

One response to “Unusual Suspects Cake … & Cast!

  1. The chocolate pyramid cakes are too beautiful.

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