Bridal Shower Cake

The latest SweetElement creation … a yellow cake filled with strawberries and vanilla buttercream and decorated with buttercream and chocolate.

strawberry_fillingStrawberry and buttercream filling … mmmm …..

Since the bride is having her family tartan incorporated into her wedding dress, that was a critical element to incorporate into the design.  As an inside joke, I was also asked to incorporate a barn and some martini glasses into the design as well.  I have to say I am quite pleased with the end result!

Tartan Bridal Shower CakeTartan wedding dress with pink martinis on the side

Tartan DetailTartan sash detail on chocolate wedding dress


One response to “Bridal Shower Cake

  1. Your cakes are phenomenal. I baked all kinds of cakes when my children were young (teddy bears, circus bears, chocolate cabbage cakes, penguins) and I know the kind of love and work that goes into each one. Your bakery will be a success with your talent.

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