Coach Bag Cake

Coach Bag Cake (Front View)
Coach Bag Cake Side View
Sugar Keys
Sugar Milk Bone
Sugar Pacifier

Another SweetElement cake creation! After a week of baking, and a frenzy of decorating in two days … this turned out to be one of my favorites. The cake was a blend of my favorites … a 3 layer tender chocolate devil’s food cake filled with coffee buttercream, chocolate hazelnut buttercream and frosted in vanilla buttercream. All decorations were made out of fondant, which is unusual for me since I prefer to work in chocolate. Every once in a while though, it’s good to work in another medium – each presents it’s own advantages and disadvantages! This was a doozy of a cake … 18″ x 12″ x 6″ – a copy of the Coach Signature Stripe Multi-Function Tote. The one major modification being in color – for the birthday girl’s favorite – purple! Why the accessories? I was trying to think of what might fall out of Bernadette’s bag … and instantly thought of the important things in her life … her new baby boy, her puppy, her car and her home!

12 responses to “Coach Bag Cake

  1. Very cool! Love it all, but especially the keys. Great work.

  2. Miss Jen,

    You are way too fabulous for words! This is incredible work. The detail is AMAZING!!!

  3. Horton the elephant

    Let me guess, this was like $100,000,000!! LOL its awesome I like wouldnt want to eat it! Actually, ya I would!!!

    Wasnt supposed to do that……..BUT I DID!
    lol inside joke with me and grandma pearl! Luv Ya Grandma!
    My name is Suphaalufagus!

  4. that is awesome….

  5. Would you be able to send me directions?

  6. that is one fabulous cake!!!!

  7. I need a coach cake by 11/19

  8. coach cake

  9. laquita shepherd

    This cake is amazing this is what ive been lookin for please contact me by email a.s.a.p please!

  10. Hi,

    I bake for friends at home and was asked to make a coach purse. I think I have figured it out except how to get all of the “C”s on the cake. Can you tell me how you did it please?

    BTW this cake is awesome!

  11. I absolutely love the cake! How did you get the C’s on the cake?

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