Wedding Cakes I & II

What do you do when the bride forgets to tell you she moved her wedding out a week?

1.  Freak out that you missed a communication about the date change
2.  Realize that you sent a confirmation email a few weeks before and that you are NOT crazy
3.  Figure out what to do with wedding cake I (ended up delivering it to the bride the next day)
4.  Decide whether or not you will be a kind cake designer and make a 2nd wedding cake the following week
5.  Opt to make a 2nd wedding cake since you had that weekend open and felt like it was karmically the right thing to do.
6.  Remake a 2nd cake in a simpler, cleaner style more representative of your work
7.  Deliver wedding cake II (after some last minute snafus about having the delivery site opened) and make a mental note to confirm and reconfirm dates and times with customers at least twice before making and delivering orders!


This was the initial Tiffany Blue wedding cake that the bride requested.  Why blue?  The original wedding cake topper had a blue ribbon in the base, and this blue was meant to match that design element.  However, since the groom-to-be threw out the original cake topper before the wedding, and the replacement didn’t have the ribbon, I thought it was kind of odd for the cake to be blue, but that was what was promised … so blue it was.  Little did I know how difficult it would be to get to that blue from white fondant!!!  All I have to say is that the case can definitely be made for SweetElement to finally get it’s first airbrush.

Here’s how the cake flavors broke out: the bottom layer was chocolate devil’s food cake filled with raspberry jam, the middle tier was yellow butter cake filled with lemon curd and the top cake was almond cake filled with vanilla buttercream.  All the layers were frosted in vanilla buttercream and decorated in rolled fondant and royal icing.


Here is the second, smaller wedding cake I delivered this past Saturday.  The bride informed me that she actually had fewer guests than we initially thought, so I opted to change the cake tier sizes.  Proportionally, I think these cake sizes (10″, 8″ & 6″ vs. 12″, 10″ & 8″ in wedding cake I) worked out much nicer with the topper.

I opted to make this cake white with pink accents since the topper had pink flowers in it.  Although you can’t really tell in the photo, the cake was also dusted in pearl luster dust and was very glimmery.  The pink pearls were also painted in a pink luster and were a nice tie in to the bride-dog’s veil in the topper.  All layers were chocolate devil’s food cake filled with raspberry jam, frosted in vanilla buttercream and decorated in rolled fondant and royal icing.

One response to “Wedding Cakes I & II

  1. Good for you! And beautiful job!

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