Red Stripe Cake

As with most of my days “off”, I spent this past Friday making another SweetElement cake! While I throughly enjoy making cakes for commission, the joy of making cakes for friends and family that leaves me total creative control from start to finish is something that just can’t be matched.

The inspiration for this cake came to me simply by thinking of things that my friend Jon loves … beer & monkeys! The cake itself was a devil’s food cake filled with cookies & cream buttercream, frosted in chocolate buttercream and decorated in fondant and royal icing. The “sand” was a combination of crushed cookies. Total height was ~12″.

Red Stripe Beer Cake

Initially, I thought it would be a cute idea to theme the cake around the 4th of July since we were going over for a 4th of July BBQ (even though the party was on the 5th), so I made red white & blue monkeys as accessories. My favorite of the three was the red stripe drinking blue monkey with his hand on his little beer belly — too cute!

Blue Monkey drinking Red Stripe
The red monkey sporting a “420” um, “plant inspired” shirt is happily munching some chips and smokin’ a little something ;p

Smokin' Red Monkey

Here’s a view of the bottlecap and the three monkeys … including the white Jamaican monkey bearing the Jamaican flag. (There’s also a secret brown monkey hiding incognito in the back.)

Red Stripe Cake (Top View)
And the finished Red Stripe cake ~ monkeys and all!

Red Stripe Beer Cake with Monkeys

3 responses to “Red Stripe Cake

  1. Wow, that is some cake. Pretty impressive decorating ability.

  2. I love how this cake turned out. I am making a Heineken shaped cake for my boyfriend next month, how can I make the bottle cake stand up without falling apart?

    • In sculpted cakes like this I always use a sturdy cake and provide structure with either wood or cardboard circles in a few spots on the cake and then dowel the entire cake with a wooden dowel straight through the middle.

      Best of luck with your Heineken cake!

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