Latest Wedding Cake

Here’s the latest SweetElement creation … a fall wedding cake made as a wedding gift for a friend. Her request … a simple, elegant, fall-themed (with leaves) cake with her Charlie Brown topper incorporated. I think the end result turned out quite nice. All tiers were comprised of vanilla cake filled with strawberry preserves and frosted in buttercream and fondant. All the leaves were made out of gumpaste, and the tiers were adorned with ribbon on the bases. The biggest compliment (aside from a gushing appreciate bride), was seeing one of the slender female guests at our table eat two pieces of cake … AND yell at the servers who were trying to clear her cake plate when she still had a bite left. Now that’s a true compliment!

Fall Leaves Wedding Cake

Fall Leaves Wedding Cake Table

4 responses to “Latest Wedding Cake

  1. Beautiful! I love the leaves!

  2. I know this is a very old post but by any chance do you know where your friend got this wedding cake topper from?! I LOVE IT! Thank You!

    • My friend had seen and bought the Charlie Brown figurine in a Hallmark store about 11-12 years ago. Her intention in getting it was for Charlie Brown and his little red-headed girl, but the figure is actually of “Charlie Brown and the Peggy Jean” (another girl in Charlie Brown’s life). The figure has stamped on the bottom that it is a “Westland Giftware” item no. 8213 “Charlie Brown & the Peggy Jean”. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you so much for your reply Jen! I can’t seem to find that, I wonder if they discontinued it =( My fiance loves Charlie Brown and I thought this would be a nice surprise for him. I guess I will just have to keep looking around. Thanks again! At least now I have product numbers and names to go by instead of the random google search! Amazing cakes by the way you are quite the inspiration!

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