Beach Wedding Cake

Here’s some photos of the latest Sweet Element cake that was made for a small wedding party this weekend. The cake was delivered to The Liberty House in Jersey City. Since the couple had their ceremony on the beach, the bride requested a beach themed wedding cake, so I thought it would be a nice touch to nestle a pair of wedding bands in the sand with shells.

To satisfy the tastes of both the groom & the bride, the cake was comprised of one layer of vanilla butter cake, one layer of rich devil’s food cake, strawberry filling, chocolate buttercream, and fondant & gumpaste decor. The “sand” was a mix of cookie crumbs.

Beach Wedding Cake

Beach Wedding Cake Detail 1
Beach Wedding Cake Detail 2
Beach Wedding Cake Detail 3

2 responses to “Beach Wedding Cake

  1. I’m making a beach themed cake for my friend’s bridal shower and i came across your beach wedding cake. The shells on that cake are fantastic! I was just wondering how you made them. Did you use a special tool or was that all by hand? And what did you use to make them? I was planning on modeling chocolate but now I’m rethinking it.. Would gumpaste be better to use?

    • All the shells on this cake are made of gum paste that was either hand sculpted or molded and then painted. I would definitely recommend using gum paste over modeling chocolate!

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