Travellin’ into 2010

The first Sweet Element cake of 2010 required an all nighter on 1/1, but it was totally worth it!  Inspired by the Travelocity gnome, this lil’ gnomie cake stood about 2′ tall & was my first cake competition entry for the 1st annual NYC Cake Convention.  Since the competition was in NYC, I wanted to put this lil’ guy in a very NYC place that would be easily recognized, and thought that the subway platform would be perfect!

Even though he didn’t win, he’s still a winner in my book.  Gnomie was made of alternating layers of chocolate & vanilla cake, filled & frosted with American buttercream.  His rock & hat were made of rice krispy treats & the decoration was done in a combination of modeling chocolate, fondant & gumpaste.  The Metrocard is made of chocolate.

2 responses to “Travellin’ into 2010

  1. That is ridiculously cute, you won in my book too! I dont want to think about that car journey though, how stressful! What a way to start the year, awesome!

  2. Thanks Jenny! This guy was actually pretty sturdy thanks to the stand that we built for him. I still rode in the back with him though … just in case!

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