Ravioli Birthday Cake

Here’s the latest Sweet Element cake that was made for our pasta-themed supper club & our friend Lisa’s birthday.  To keep with the pasta theme, I couldn’t think of a better thing than a ravioli cake!  The ravioli cake itself was an olive oil lemon cake filled with lemon curd & frosted in almond buttercream.  Decorations were made out of modeling chocolate & fondant.

For those keen observers, you may be wondering why the fork looks slightly modified in the photos.  As many cake designers may know, our cake eyes are often times bigger than our delivery vehicles! Since the fork wouldn’t fit in the vehicle, it needed a slight trim so it could be delivered!

3 responses to “Ravioli Birthday Cake

  1. This is just awesome! What a great treat for your friend, and how amazed they must have been when you arrived at the dinner party with this cake! Wow! Great concept and it looks great! Love the fork!!

  2. Just insane! I love this cake so much – how creative!

  3. Thanks so much ladies!

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