Red Sox Topsy Birthday Cake

One of the nicest perks about being friends with a baker – is you know that the odds are highly in your favor of getting the gift of cake for your birthday!

This past weekend we headed up to CT to celebrate my friend Carrie’s birthday, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to experiment with a topsy birthday cake.  Since Carrie is a huge Boston Red Sox fan & is always on my case for making Yankees cakes (as I am a Yankees fan!), I thought it would be fitting for the theme of this cake to be the Sox.

The cake itself was chocolate, filled with peanut butter mousse & vanilla buttercream, frosted in vanilla buttercream & decorated in fondant.

One response to “Red Sox Topsy Birthday Cake

  1. The cake was just PERFECT as you know me to well. It was decorated beautifully and was sooo tasty. OF course it and you were the talk of the town after you left. You will definitely be getting calls my friend.
    I cannot thank you enough for coming and celebrating my birthday with me. You’re okay for a Yankees fan! 🙂
    GO SOX!

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