The Studio!

After a much longer than expected build-out (isn’t that *always* the way with construction?!) I am proud to share some pics of Sweet Element’s brand new home : our new cake & chocolate studio!

Here’s our cake display rack.  These are generally dummy cakes that were made for photo shoots, competitions or bridal shows.  I usually walk clients over to this rack to go over different techniques and materials (i.e. this is an example of a chocolate plate, gumpaste flowers, etc.)

Command Central #1: The Kitchen! This is where we create all our delicious art.

Here’s a shot of our consultation table where I meet with clients for design & tasting sessions.

Command Central #2 : Desk & COFFEE 😀

Our extremely comfortable crash consultation couch ;D

6 responses to “The Studio!

  1. Wow! It’s awesome! Congratulations on your new space!

  2. Great Space. Wish it was mine. Congratulations!!!

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  4. Your space is great!! Im in the search for a new space to make my very own cake studio! Anyway you can help out a fellow baker and give me some pointers on what is necessary on building out a cake studio? I am so lost when it comes to the rules of it all!!

    • Thanks so much! I’d be more than happy to chat about my extremely LONG build out if you’d like. Construction of a food establishment is definitely NOT for the faint of heart!

  5. Beautiful space. May I ask what brand is your reach in? I have a True and it doesn’t cool fondant cakes well at all.

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