Car Birthday Cake

It was only a matter of time before our first car cake request came in, and we were thrilled to make one for Trevor’s 2nd birthday!  The birthday boy’s only request was that it be a blue car with yellow highlights, so we based the cake on a Ford Mustang and embellished it with a few things to make it truly Trevor’s: a yellow 2 for his 2nd birthday on the door, the Boston Red Sox rear window decal, and of course, the license plate!

The cake was a chocolate chocolate chip cake, filled & frosted with vanilla moussaline buttercream.  The car was decorated with a combination of fondant, gumpaste & modeling chocolate.  To cover the board, we used a little oreo “dirt”.

A close up of the grill & the mini mustang (one of my favorite design elements)

The birthday boy & his cousins digging into the cake. Trevor was getting upset because he didn’t understand that the car was a cake & not a toy, so he was thrilled when he could finally get to it!

The birthday boy enjoying a giant modeling chocolate tire!

3 responses to “Car Birthday Cake

  1. Awesome job! The details and the color are just perfect!

  2. This is such an awesome cake. Would you be willing to share how you did this? My youngest just turned 3 and I would love to do this cake for his party this weekend.

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