TECCS First Year Celebration Cake

A few weeks ago, Sweet Element was fortunate enough to be able to participate in The Ethical Community Charter School’s First Year celebration in Jersey City, NJ.  We donated a large celebration cake & also mini cupcakes for all the students.  The cake was a combination of chocolate & yellow cake filled with vanilla moussaline buttercream and decorated in fondant & chocolate.  The words around the sides of the tiers: Ethics, Service, Community, Social Justice, Academics & Exploration represented the varied parts of the school’s mission.

We wish the school & all the families continued success & growth in the future!

As a very welcome surprise, I received a number of thank you cards from the students & teachers last week for the cake & cupcakes.  Here are a few of my favorites.

A huge card from one of the classes:

Pop-up cards!

And the one that peaked my interest the most.

I secretly wonder if the cake was just “ok” because the kids only got to eat the cupcakes, because the cake & frosting for both were the same!  Hrm …

2 responses to “TECCS First Year Celebration Cake

  1. Those cards are amazing! That is just so special!

  2. Thank you Jen for a fabulous cake and cupcakes, as always. The cake was delicious 🙂
    We are especially thankful for your generosity in helping make our school’s first year celebration such a success!

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