Soccer Ball Groom’s Cake

This past weekend, after dealing with the *MOST* unprofessional event planner EVER, we delivered one huge 14″ soccer ball groom’s cake to the Maplewood Country Club in Maplewood, NJ as a surprise for the groom from the bride.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t seem to get this event planner to understand that #1) My client (the bride), specifically requested that this cake be at the wedding for the *duration* of the wedding so that everyone, including her groom could enjoy it before the cake cutting ceremony later in the evening, #2) Fondant covered cakes with sugar designs highly sensitive to moisture are NOT to be put in the refrigerator & #3) Delivering a groom’s cake in the *MIDDLE* of a wedding right as they bring out the wedding cake is highly unprofessional & just not a good idea.  While both my trusty delivery guy & I maintained our composure, this event planner did nearly everything he could to be completely & utterly insulting during the entire delivery, and after verbally assaulting both of us independently, he finished off with, “You have 20 minutes to put a cake on this table RIGHT HERE and then GET OUT!!!!!”  I sense a letter written to the General Manager in the near future ….

But back to the cake … 🙂

While working through a few sports-themed cake ideas during our cake consultation, the bride to be decided that the perfect cake would be a huge soccer ball (as her fiance is a soccer player) covered in her fiance’s favorite team logos.

The cake itself was a vanilla cake, filled with chocolate ganache, frosted in vanilla moussaline buttercream and decorated in fondant sitting atop a board decorated in green buttercream grass.

As I knew that the logos were a critical part of the cake design, I finally opted to break down & get a food safe sugar printer – and I have to say I’m thrilled with the results!  While I still think that hand cut logos add a beautiful aesthetic to cakes, I have a feeling that this sugar printer will continue to be extremely handy for some extremely teeny intricate designs.

Spheres = very nervewracking deliveries!

One response to “Soccer Ball Groom’s Cake

  1. Great cake, you did a beautiful job and I agree the event planner was way off base with his remarks, very unprofessional.

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