Where Did October Go?!

Apparently it’s been a busy month!  I know I’ve said it before, but working as a solopreneur definitely has it’s pros & cons – one of the biggest cons being TIME! Back in my corporate days, I always felt like I was “stealing” time when I would take my PTO (paid time off) to work on cakes & chocolate.  Now, immersed in the sweetness of Sweet Element full-time, I find that stealing time often equates to things like catching up with friends & family, hanging out with Mr. Sweet Element on a non-cake related trip (long drives are SOOOO much more relaxing when you’re not worried about every bump or curve in the road & every short stop!) & organizing my non-cake life.  Luckily, October provided a lot of opportunity to do all those things – as well as work on some CAKES!

Here are a few of the cakes from this month!

The story behind this cake is just too good not to share.  Would you believe that this last-minute cake order to make a cake to celebrate 5 million+ twitter followers – came through twitter?!

One day early in the month, I was at the studio checking emails & getting ready to start on a groom’s cake, and I got an email from a NJ photographer I’ve worked with about a tweet from an NYC photographer that made him think of me.  The NYC photographer had a client that was looking for a boutique cake shop to make a cake in less than 24 hours notice for delivery in NYC.  Since I was delivering the groom’s cake to NYC the following day, I figured it couldn’t hurt to find out exactly what kind of cake the NYC photographer’s client needed, so I reached out to him via twitter to get more info.  Within a few hours, I heard from the client, who just so happened to be the brand group who manages Bongo jeans.  Initially they were looking for a 3D cake, but after I explained that would be nearly impossible in 20 hours, they rethought their desired cake design & sent me artwork for the top of a round one-tier cake.  As soon as I received the artwork, my thought process went a little like this:

“Whoa, this Kim person sure has a lot of twitter followers.”

“Hrm, ‘Love, Bongo’. I wonder if I can find out who this Kim is by googling Bongo, Kim & 5 million twitter followers.”

“OMG. This cake is for Kim Kardashian!”

“OMG. Sweet Element’s first celebrity cake delivery is in 18 hours – and I don’t even have the cake baked yet?!”

Needless to say, it was a crazy time line, especially since I had to carve & decorate this groom’s cake for delivery the next day too. Somehow, everything got done & deliveries for both cakes went off without a hitch the next day!

Curious about the cake flavor? This twitter-centric cake was vanilla cake, filled with raspberry preserves, frosted in vanilla buttercream and decorated in fondant & buttercream.  The kiss on top of the cake was printed on edible paper.

Yankees Hat Cake with Sugar Tickets on Marbleized Fondant Base


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mini Cakes for The Knot Spring 2010 national magazine photoshoot

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