Moogle Sweet Sixteen Cake

This latest Sweet Element cake was definitely one of my favorites … a Moogle Sweet Sixteen cake!

I must credit the birthday girl for coming up with an awesome original design that I tweaked just a bit.  As a video game fan myself, I was thrilled to be able to make this Kingdom Hearts Moogle cake & bring the birthday girl’s dream cake into a reality!

The cake itself was alternating layers of vanilla & devil’s food cake, filled with espresso Italian meriangue buttercream, frosted in vanilla italian meringue buttercream & decorated in fondant & modeling chocolate.

Here are a few additional detail shots of the Moogle & fondant rose detail on top of the cake. Is he not the cutest thing ever?!

This was the first cake I also used FondX fondant to decorate – and I have to say, overall I was really impressed.  After years and years of using Satin Ice, I think I just might be a FondX convert soon!  I’ll be blog posting about my experiences with the two soon … so if you’re into decorating cakes – be on the look out for the post!

2 responses to “Moogle Sweet Sixteen Cake

  1. Really,

    Wow What a pretty cake Nice Sweet Sixteen Cake.


  2. This is the prettiest cakes I’ve ever seen!

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