Goodbye 2010 … Hello 2011!

Wow. I just realized that an entire month went by – BLOGLESS!  For shame!  As you might imagine, December was a BUSY month – both work-wise & personally.  While I was thrilled to get a large repeat order for holiday corporate gift boxes, it definitely reminded me why I chose to focus on cakes & not a traditional retail bakery. Instead of one or two days of baking (production) & many days of cake decorating (creative outlet), this gift box order had me in cookie & chocolate production mode for two weeks straight & then turned all cake production areas into packaging central, which left me feeling creatively untapped & simply wiped out. It’s amazing how much time & energy it took to package over 500 individual items & then arrange them & package them into individual gift boxes, all while figuring out timing so I could actually have a semi-presentable client consultation space in the midst of it all.  As you’ll see in the pictures below, near the end, production took over my entire office.

Oh, and did I mention that I, in my ultimate stubbornness, refused to hire holiday help?  I don’t know how he did it, but somehow Mr. Sweet Element managed to work his full-time day job and then stay up till the wee hours helping me at the studio for two weeks straight, without killing me (I think the cookie bribes helped.).  Yet again, I don’t know what I’d do without him!

Here’s a quick recap of the month of December for Sweet Element (& me) in photos. Hope you enjoy!

Slowly my office turned into storage for all finished gift box products

That was a consultation table …

Somewhere under there is my desk.

A finished gift box: chocolate brownie cookies, white chocolate peppermint bark, mixed nut, cherry & cocoa nib bark, pistachio cranberry biscotti, apricot almond biscotti, bailey’s mint chip cookies & rocky road.

The final packaging begins …

Last night of the 2010 gift box marathon: Mr. Sweet Element with the complete gift boxes ~ 3 AM

Jay & I at his office holiday party.  A *MUCH* needed break for us.

Florida oranges!  Best OJ ever – straight from the tree to the juicer.  This year, we planned a one week vacation to visit Jay’s parents down in Florida from 12/18-12/25, so there was definitely a tight deadline to meet to get all those gift boxes out! A week of R&R and warmer weather was definitely motivation to work tirelessly for 2 weeks straight.

Jay & his mom on Christmas day, right before we left for the airport.

2010 Blizzard.  Somewhere between our front railing and that tree is our driveway.  I was SOOOO happy we flew back to NJ on 12/25 – narrowly missing all the airport chaos & allowing us to be trapped at home for 2 days before our street was plowed out.

Jay & his lime cheesecake NYE birthday cake

New Year’s Eve cream puffs – a crowd favorite & definitely a great way to close out 2010!

One response to “Goodbye 2010 … Hello 2011!

  1. Sounds like a crazy busy December – I’m glad you were able to get away! Happy New Year! All the best for 2011

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