Phillies & Army Groom’s Cake

This past weekend Sweet Element had the opportunity to deliver this Phillies & Army themed groom’s cake to Terrace on the Park in Queens, NY.  The groom, as you might have guessed is a *huge* Phillies phan & is also a very accomplished military man – Green Beret, Ranger & West Point Instructor.

During the initial design consultation, the bride, who was ordering this cake as a surprise for her groom, emphasized that she really wanted the predominant cake design to revolve around the Phillies, but she also wanted to incorporate some army desert camo & logos around the sides, and a green beret instead of the baseball cap to the Phanatic to personalize the cake a bit more specifically for her groom.  The small beer bottle in the Phanatic’s hand was also a small side request to showcase the couple’s love of beer!

The cake itself was red velvet (could there be any other flavor for a die-hard Phillies cake?), filled with cream cheese frosting, iced in vanilla moussaline buttercream & decorated in fondant & gumpaste.  The camo band & logos were printed on frosting sheets.

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