Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week!

In honor of national chocolate chip cookie week, I tried out a new-to-me recipe yesterday from one of my favorite Food Network chefs – Alton Brown.  Of the three variations (The Thin/The Puffy/The Chewy) in his chocolate chip special, “Chips for Sister Marsha”, I opted to take on The Chewy.

Even with a few alternations (AP instead of bread flour, double the amount of vanilla extract, and large bittersweet chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips), these turned out DELICIOUS!

Here’s a few of my favorite books to turn to whenever I’m in the mood to try out a new chocolate chip cookie recipe.

2 responses to “Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week!

  1. I made The Chewy yesterday and they turned out perfect. Have you found any other chocolate chip cookie recipes that are just as good?

    • I really love the Cook’s Illustrated chocolate chip cookie recipes as well. I definitely recommend refrigerating the dough overnight in that recipe for the best results … makes a BIG difference!

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