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Food Network Challenge Audition Video(s)!

I was recently contacted by Food Network and asked to create an audition video to become a contestant on Food Network Challenge. Hope you enjoy it!

And of course, what would an audition video be without OUTTAKES?! I think this might be my favorite of the two! 😀

*Fingers crossed* that I make the cut!

The *Very* Early Show on CBS!

It’s been quite a whirlwind few days here at Sweet Element!  This morning, we were fortunate enough to have one of our cakes featured in a segment that The Knot had on The Early Show on CBS that was showcasing how people on non-presidential budget could afford a beautiful and similarly styled wedding to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding this past weekend.  Since I’m currently working on about four hours of sleep, I figured I would just let pictures tell most of the story of how the past 24 hours have been.

Here’s the base wedding cake at the studio before we packed it up at 4 AM (no that is NOT a typo), to take it into Manhattan to The Early Show. Since the segment was about keeping prices low, The Knot picked a small, simple three tier cake with fondant pearls.  Ideally, the cake would have been frosted in buttercream, but since the segment was shot outside in NYC, we opted for a fondant exterior that was dusted with super pearl dust.

Here’s a photo of our little cake in its box on a very dark & early set around 5:00 AM this morning.

About 6:00 AM, the city was waking up & the little unadorned cake was out of it’s box on set and awaiting the florist.

8:00 AM : A lovely shot of the bridal gown model with our cake & floral arrangements behind.

8:35 AM: Carley Roney, editor in chief of & Erica Hill of The Early Show discussing weddings on a budget.

A little after 9 AM : A very tired me & Carley with the cake right before they broke down the set.

It’s 9 PM on Sunday …

And it’s the beginning of another all nighter at Sweet Element! In a very last minute request (think ~6:00 PM this evening), we’re working on a cake for a *very* early delivery at 5:00 AM tomorrow in NYC for the CBS Early Morning Show.  Thankfully, this is a much simpler cake than our last rush set of cakes.  I have a feeling the experience will be a whirlwind, especially because I am so NOT a morning person!  I’ll likely be posting updates through my Twitter feed & hopefully a full post with photos tomorrow!

Sweet Element Cakes July Wrap Up

Where oh where did July go?! Apparently, it was far busier than I thought! Luckily, I was able to schedule a short birthday vacation away at Mohegan Sun & a few incredibly awesome birthday lunches & dinners out in NYC, but other than that July was all about cake!

The month started off with a wonderful tasting with the Volunteer Committee at the Montclair Art Musuem, where I had the pleasure of meeting a small group of wonderful women that I hope to work with on a few events soon.

Here’s a shot of some of the cupcakes that the MAM ladies sampled~chocolate devil’s food with espresso buttercream topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean & vanilla bean cake filled with strawberry preserves and topped with fresh strawberry buttercream.

Here are a few of the cakes from this month:

This first cake was won by a Montclair mom in the BaristaKids giveaway back in April.  The lucky winner requested a dark chocolate cake, filled with a dark chocolate ganache, frosted in a vanilla buttercream and decorated in chocolate.  As her daughter is an avid gymnast & fan of the color green, I thought the silhouette of various gymnastics poses would be a perfect design. It was a lovely surprise to find this thank you email waiting for me in my inbox the next day:

Thank you so much for the wonderful cake.  It was a big delicous and a big hit.  Taylor was so excited!

This second cake was made for an adorable 2 year old’s birthday party held at Creative Groove Studio in Hoboken, NJ.  I created the chocolate school bus on the cake in the likeness of a school bus character on one of the birthday boy’s favorite books and added in the first line, “The Wheels on the bus go round & round …” on the side of the cake to tie into the invitation.  This cake was a devil’s food cake filled with raspberry preserves, frosted in vanilla moussaline buttercream and decorated in chocolate.

This third cake was a last-minute order made for a sweet 3 year old’s birthday held at Senorita’s in Bloomfield, NJ.  While I was browsing through a few bridal magazines in Barnes & Noble one morning, I met a local wedding planner, who just so needed a birthday cake for her daughter in just a few days.  Luckily, I was available, and was more than happy to create this princess themed cake to tie into their Princess & the Frog themed party.  This cake was also a devil’s food cake, filled with a milk chocolate ganache, frosted in a lavender tinted vanilla buttercream, and decorated with gumpaste inscription, blossoms & crown.  If you are looking for a local NJ event planner, I can tell you that Without a Hitch definitely puts together a beautiful party!

Of course, as soon as I thought I was going to have an open weekend to catch up on some of the business part of Sweet Element (like this *blog*!), I received a call last Thursday morning from The Knot asking if I could help them out & have TWO wedding cakes for them by this past Monday morning for a segment on predictions for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding this coming weekend.  After receiving the dossier late Thursday afternoon about what was known (in theory) about the event (i.e. event planner, florist, location, style of dress, etc.), I drew up a few sketches of ideas for two styles of cakes and worked with The Knot to whittle the selections to the following two cakes by Friday morning (yes, this left me TWO days to make TWO wedding cakes – EEEEP!):

This first cake was a seven tier cake with three burgundy sugar peonies & gold fondant ribbons.

Here’s a detail shot of one of the sugar peonies. Seriously a labor of love!

The second cake was a slightly more modern wedding cake comprised of four tiers with alternating pearled & flat white pleats.

Here’s a quick shot of the cakes at The Knot’s studio in SoHo along with some of the floral arrangements:

There could be a whole series of blog posts dedicated to these two cakes (if I was crazy enough … wait, I just might be ;D), including some of the following topics:

  • How to source materials for EXTREME last minute orders (Thank you NY Cake!)
  • How to NOT freak out when on a tight time frame (having an awesome husband helps!)
  • How to create sugar peonies without any custom cutters
  • How TIME CONSUMING it is to make gumpaste flowers
  • Learning the importance of delegating – The structure/delivery man CAN paint!
  • When making wedding cakes under duress, REMEMBER to EAT! (Yes, the time is worth it!)
  • When going through TV withdrawl, can be your bestest friend.
  • How to pray to the delivery gods so you will run into NO traffic on a Monday morning delivery to NYC (I owe you a BIG one!)
  • And last but not least, How to say “How High” when media opportunities arise that ask you to “JUMP!” (Big thanks to The Knot for allowing me to take part in this opportunity!)

Be on the look out for these two cakes tomorrow morning on Fox & Friends! It’ll be Sweet Element cakes’ national TV debut! 😀