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Notre Dame Bucket of Miller Lite Groom’s Cake

I delivered this groom’s cake to the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx last Friday (pre-hurricane!) for a Miller Lite loving groom who graduated from Notre Dame.  Since the venue didn’t serve Miller Lite, the bride wanted to give this cake as a surprise gift to her groom as a consolation.

The cake was comprised of devil’s food cake, filled and frosted with Guinness buttercream and decorated in fondant, modeling chocolate, gum paste & isomalt.  The insides of the beer bottles were made of molded rice cereal treats.

It has been quite a while since I worked with isomalt, but now I think I am hooked on sugar again.  I really do think that isomalt creates the most realistic looking sugar ice, don’t you?

Be on the lookout for some new and interesting sugar techniques with isomalt from Sweet Element soon!


Hrm, I could say that I was taking a 33 day blog hiatus to reflect on the last bit of my 33rd year, but the truth is that I haven’t been able to get much time to blog, catch up on twitter or tend to my website as much as I wanted in the past month!  When you’re running a one-woman cake shop and have a slew of unexpected last-minute orders on top of a relatively full calendar, kitchen activities & deliveries take over everything else.  Fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to find an intern or two to help out in the Sweet Element kitchen SOON!

So, before the onslaught of July orders pulls me into the kitchen again, I thought I would share just a few of my favorite June cakes.

This first cake was one of the most unique wedding cakes we’ve made.  The bride & groom wanted to recreate their proposal story with their wedding cake, changing just a few details to make it special for their wedding day.

I love this inspiration photo that shows the pumpkin proposal that the groom arranged to be seen from the top of a mountain hike with his bride-to-be!

Here’s a close-up of the sugar bride and groom that were sitting atop the mountain of cake!  I adore the mini wire-rim glasses on the groom.

The bride also secretly ordered a NYC subway map groom’s cake as a surprise for the groom.  I couldn’t think of a better way to showcase both city & country than with these two cakes!

The mountain & barn cakes were comprised of red velvet cake, filled with cream cheese frosting, frosted in vanilla buttercream and decorated in a combination of fondant, modeling chocolate & gumpaste.  The subway cake was a devil’s food cake, filled with peanut butter mousse, frosted in vanilla buttercream and decorated in fondant.  Both cakes were delivered to the beautiful Round Hill House in Washingtonville, NY.

This next offset square wedding cake for a wedding in Edison, NJ was a fun challenge to take on, especially as our first gig with Pure Ambiance Events!  The bottom three tiers were banana cake, filled with peanut butter mousse & milk chocolate ganache and the top tier was vanilla cake filled with milk chocolate ganache.  All tiers were frosted in vanilla buttercream and decorated in fondant.  The manzanita branches were made of modeling chocolate and the orchids and delphiniums were handmade of gumpaste.

You might be able to tell where much of the cake inspiration came from by taking a peek at the beautiful room set-up by the Pure Ambiance team below!

This next wedding cake is a perfect example of how beautiful a cake with real flowers can be ~ great for the bride on a budget!  The cake was comprised of red velvet cake, filled with cream cheese frosting, frosted in vanilla buttercream and decorated in fondant with satin ribbon and fresh orchids.  We delivered this tropical cake to the stunning Le Club Avenue in Long Branch, NJ.  I really just wanted to go and hang out at the beach after setting this up ~ but alas, there were other orders waiting to be finished back at the studio!

This groom’s cake that we delivered to The Madison Hotel in Morristown, NJ, is definitely one of my most favorite cakes of June.  A last minute order, I was so happy I was able to fit this order into the books!  The bride had seen a photo online with Lego stormtroopers hoisting up a Lego Darth Vader into a pint of Guinness (concept originally from Kevin Pulton) and wanted that recreated into cake.  Keeping in the Guinness theme, the cake was our Guinness Chocolate Cake, filled and frosted with Guinness buttercream and decorated in fondant.  As this was a *very* last minute order, I had to make certain inner structures of the Lego guys from foam as all gum paste bodies would not have time to dry, but all the exterior portions are made from modeling chocolate, gum paste & fondant.

Here’s a side-view shot of the lil’ Lego guys 🙂

It’s unusual that I actually get to see my clients’ reactions at weddings as I usually set up before they get into the room, but in this particular case, when the bride slipped and mentioned that there was a surprise groom’s cake waiting in the ballroom, the groom just HAD to see the cake before the reception!  It was definitely a pleasure to grab this quick picture of very happy bride & groom with their pints of Guinness & their Guinness cake!

And last but not least, we made this chocolate plate Chicago Blackhawks birthday cake as a surprise for a huge Blackhawks fan in Hoboken, NJ.  The cake was devil’s food cake, filled with banana cream filling and frosted in vanilla buttercream.  The top decoration was all chocolate and the inscription was in fondant.

I always wonder how surprise clients react to their cakes, so as you might imagine, I love getting emails from clients with photos of happy cake recipients ~ especially when the cakes are a surprise!

Well, that wraps it up for now …  it’s back to the kitchen to get started on some very fun cakes for July!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get to blog more often this month 😀

Super Nintendo Groom’s Cake

‘Tis the season for groom’s cakes!  This surprise groom’s cake was a life size recreation of the SNES (or Super Nintendo Entertainment System for you non-gamers out there!), and included a sugar copy of Dr. Mario.  The cake was delivered to a rehearsal dinner at Il Vicolo in Livingston, NJ last Friday.

This cake was comprised of vanilla confetti cake, filled & frosted with vanilla buttercream and decorated in a combination of gumpaste, fondant & modeling chocolate.

Veuve Clicquot Birthday Cake

Last Friday I created this Veuve Clicquot champagne bottle cake as a surprise for Jonathan from his boyfriend for a party in Hells Kitchen, NYC.  As a special touch, I created special personalized sugar labels with the birthday inscription & birth year.  As you might have guessed, Veuve Clicquot is Jonathan’s favorite champagne!

This cake was comprised of devil’s food cake, filled with peanut butter mousse and frosted in vanilla buttercream.  The exterior decor was a combination of fondant, modeling chocolate & gum paste.

Star Wars Lightsaber Fight Scene Groom’s Cake

This past Friday, we had the opportunity to unveil the first “extreme“, *lighted*, Sweet Element cake!  We delivered this surprise Star Wars Lightsaber Fight Scene groom’s cake to Pavinici’s Italian Grill in Hopatcong, NJ.

Both cakes were comprised of a Raspberry Wheat Beer Vanilla Cake (special request from the bride to be, as raspberry wheat beer is the groom’s favorite), filled with raspberry preserves, frosted in vanilla moussaline buttercream & decorated with a combination of fondant & modeling chocolate.

Here’s a closeup of the Darth Vader cake.
And a closeup of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Here are are a few more bonus shots for the blog only!

It just cracked me up that the Darth Vader cake just happened to be in the light & the Obi-Wan Kenobi cake in the dark when we put them in the van for delivery!

Even closer detail shot of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s face, lit by his blue lightsaber.

A view of the cake from the restaurant entrance.

How these cakes began … Obi-Wan Kenobi & Darth Vader’s modeling chocolate heads.

Shot of Darth Vader cake at the studio pre-lightsaber.
Shot of Obi-Wan Kenobi at the studio pre-lightsaber.

Jay working on the cake structure.

The box of magic … (i.e. what made the lightsabers light up!) Note … that LARGE Dunkin Donuts coffee is definitely part of the magic 😉

Cute Cthulhu Birthday Cake

As you might have noticed, I enjoy making unusual cakes – and this one, for @Snipeyhead was definitely one of my new favorites!  The only requests for this latest Sweet Element cake was that it be red velvet & Cthulhu-themed.  So, with full artistic interpretation, I decided to take this monster cake to the cute side, and ended up with what I called Cute-ulhu (Cthulhu’s baby sister)!

For added excitement, we had the joy of delivering this cake from the studio into Stitch Bar in Manhattan during the last blizzard.  Thankfully, everything was safe & sound once we got there!


Birthday Girl digging into Cute-ulhu

Lotus Elan Groom’s Cake

This latest Sweet Element groom’s cake was made as a surprise for the groom-to-be that his lovely bride-to-be presented at a pre-wedding party in the upper west side of Manhattan this past Thursday. The inspiration behind the cake started with the groom-to-be’s favorite car, his 1971 Lotus Elan.  I thought it would be a nice touch to add the Just Married sign & traditional cans on the bumper to make it more of a groom’s cake.

This cake was comprised of chocolate devil’s food cake, filled with Guinness buttercream, frosted with vanilla buttercream and decorated in fondant & gumpaste.  The board was covered in Oreo crumb “dirt”.

Soccer Ball Groom’s Cake

This past weekend, after dealing with the *MOST* unprofessional event planner EVER, we delivered one huge 14″ soccer ball groom’s cake to the Maplewood Country Club in Maplewood, NJ as a surprise for the groom from the bride.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t seem to get this event planner to understand that #1) My client (the bride), specifically requested that this cake be at the wedding for the *duration* of the wedding so that everyone, including her groom could enjoy it before the cake cutting ceremony later in the evening, #2) Fondant covered cakes with sugar designs highly sensitive to moisture are NOT to be put in the refrigerator & #3) Delivering a groom’s cake in the *MIDDLE* of a wedding right as they bring out the wedding cake is highly unprofessional & just not a good idea.  While both my trusty delivery guy & I maintained our composure, this event planner did nearly everything he could to be completely & utterly insulting during the entire delivery, and after verbally assaulting both of us independently, he finished off with, “You have 20 minutes to put a cake on this table RIGHT HERE and then GET OUT!!!!!”  I sense a letter written to the General Manager in the near future ….

But back to the cake … 🙂

While working through a few sports-themed cake ideas during our cake consultation, the bride to be decided that the perfect cake would be a huge soccer ball (as her fiance is a soccer player) covered in her fiance’s favorite team logos.

The cake itself was a vanilla cake, filled with chocolate ganache, frosted in vanilla moussaline buttercream and decorated in fondant sitting atop a board decorated in green buttercream grass.

As I knew that the logos were a critical part of the cake design, I finally opted to break down & get a food safe sugar printer – and I have to say I’m thrilled with the results!  While I still think that hand cut logos add a beautiful aesthetic to cakes, I have a feeling that this sugar printer will continue to be extremely handy for some extremely teeny intricate designs.

Spheres = very nervewracking deliveries!

Frog Prince Groom’s Cake

Sweet Element’s latest cake – a Frog Prince, was delivered last Friday to the Blue Fin restaurant inside the W Times Square.

I love cute cakes.  If I had a choice, I would seriously be making these type of cakes *all* the time!  This latest cake was definitely one of my favorites & a whole lot of fun to work on.  The bride-to-be requested that the cake be similar to “funfetti” cake, so I made my own version of confetti cake for the first time ever with the traditional Sweet Element vanilla cake & vanilla moussaline buttercream with some colored sprinkles mixed into them.

Here’s a photo of the cake layers & frosting …

Piano Keyboard Birthday Cake

Whew. I can’t believe how much time has flown by since that last blog post!  When you’re a one-woman shop (with the much needed help of a crafty carpenter/delivery man/dishwasher extraordinaire husband when he’s NOT working his full time job), there’s a LOT on your plate!  I’ll have to make it a point to check in here at least once a week!

But enough with the excuses … 😉

Here’s one of the latest Sweet Element CAKES! I received a request to construct a piano keyboard cake for a small birthday party of 10 at the Palisade’s Mall Lucky Strike in West Nyack, NY last weekend and came up with this lil’ piece.  The cake is constructed of yellow cake, filled & frosted with chocolate hazelnut buttercream and decorated in fondant.  And just in case you were wondering, all 88 keys were individually cut out and applied!

And some pictures of the birthday boy enjoying his cake 🙂