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Phillies & Army Groom’s Cake

This past weekend Sweet Element had the opportunity to deliver this Phillies & Army themed groom’s cake to Terrace on the Park in Queens, NY.  The groom, as you might have guessed is a *huge* Phillies phan & is also a very accomplished military man – Green Beret, Ranger & West Point Instructor.

During the initial design consultation, the bride, who was ordering this cake as a surprise for her groom, emphasized that she really wanted the predominant cake design to revolve around the Phillies, but she also wanted to incorporate some army desert camo & logos around the sides, and a green beret instead of the baseball cap to the Phanatic to personalize the cake a bit more specifically for her groom.  The small beer bottle in the Phanatic’s hand was also a small side request to showcase the couple’s love of beer!

The cake itself was red velvet (could there be any other flavor for a die-hard Phillies cake?), filled with cream cheese frosting, iced in vanilla moussaline buttercream & decorated in fondant & gumpaste.  The camo band & logos were printed on frosting sheets.

NY Sports 50th Birthday & Christening Cakes

Here’s a few shots of the latest Sweet Element cakes that were made for a dual christening & 50th birthday party at La Prete’s in Belleville, NJ this past Sunday.  The initial request for the first 50th birthday cake was to incorporate the NY Knicks, Giants & Yankees with a beach theme, which inspired the design below.  The cakes inside the basketball & football were made up of chocolate cake, filled with peanut butter mousse & frosted in chocolate buttercream, and the baseball was made of rice krispy treats frosted in chocolate buttercream.  All the balls were decorated in fondant.  To incorporate the beach theme, we decorated the board in one of my favorite things – cookie sand!

The christening cake was based off the invitation to the party & was made up of yellow cake, filled with whipped cream, peaches & strawberries and frosted in vanilla buttercream.  The decorative plate & polka dots on the side are all chocolate.

Mr. Met Groom’s Cake

Even after the hat disaster and the general difficulty of working with fondant and large cakes in extremely humid weather … I think this latest groom’s cake came out fairly well.

The best (& worst) part of the whole order was delivery though. While I was walking to the church with this 50-60 lb cake (my shoulders paid for that for the next few days I tell you) random tourists on the streets of Chinatown asked if they could take my picture with the cake and I heard a lot of “Hey …. that’s a cool cake!” But when I actually delivered the cake to the woman who ordered it … all she was concerned with was there was no box. I usually get to deal with people that are really excited about the actual cake … so having to contend with someone that was very agitated because there was no box was a bit of a shock. As far as I know … giant decorated cakes (this was on a 18″ board) normally don’t come in boxes! Besides I never would have been able to manage carrying a 20″ x 20″ box myself for delivery. BAH! I do hope the groom enjoyed the surprise though …

Mr Met Cake