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Yankees Baseball Hat Cake

Another SweetElement cake made … but never posted!  The actual cake was a yellow cake filled and frosted with hazelnut buttercream and decorated in fondant.  Now I can finally rest easy in Yankees territory as I’ve made both a Red Sox and a Yankees hat (not to mention Mr. Met)!

Yankees Baseball Hat Cake (Front View)
Yankees Baseball Hat Cake Side View
Yankees Baseball Hat Cake Rear View

The birthday boy’s softball number is 23 … so this was a
small personalized touch to make the hat just for him!

Groom's Cake … Finished!

While I could sit here for at least a few paragraphs and detail every flaw that I made in the making of this cake (the perfectionist in me just won’t die!), I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. The bride and groom loved it … and I was happily surprised to see the entire wedding was in the Red Sox theme. As an added bonus for me, the DJ gave me some giant compliments over the sound system before the bride and groom cut the wedding cake! Anyone that’s interested in ordering cakes or any other confections – don’t forget to visit SweetElement!


(I take NO responsibilty for that wedding cake – NOT my work!)