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Mr. Met Groom’s Cake

I love baseball themed cakes … and I’m considering this one the first of the 2011 season!  We delivered this peeking Mr. Met Groom’s cake this past Saturday to The Crystal Room in Staten Island, NY as a surprise to a Mets fan groom from his Yankees fan wife!

This cake was comprised of red velvet cake, filled and frosted with vanilla moussaline buttercream and decorated in fondant.  The Mets hat on top was made of rice cereal treats and decorated in fondant.

Mr. Met Groom’s Cake

Even after the hat disaster and the general difficulty of working with fondant and large cakes in extremely humid weather … I think this latest groom’s cake came out fairly well.

The best (& worst) part of the whole order was delivery though. While I was walking to the church with this 50-60 lb cake (my shoulders paid for that for the next few days I tell you) random tourists on the streets of Chinatown asked if they could take my picture with the cake and I heard a lot of “Hey …. that’s a cool cake!” But when I actually delivered the cake to the woman who ordered it … all she was concerned with was there was no box. I usually get to deal with people that are really excited about the actual cake … so having to contend with someone that was very agitated because there was no box was a bit of a shock. As far as I know … giant decorated cakes (this was on a 18″ board) normally don’t come in boxes! Besides I never would have been able to manage carrying a 20″ x 20″ box myself for delivery. BAH! I do hope the groom enjoyed the surprise though …

Mr Met Cake