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Patricia’s Yarns 5th Birthday Cake

5 Year Sign

Last weekend I had the pleasure of making a cake for Patricia’s Yarns who was celebrating their 5th year in Hoboken, NJ. As creative license was left up to me, I thought it would be a sweet design for this Hoboken yarn shop to have a messenger bag with 5 skeins of yarn spilling out.  Patricia had requested that her logo be incorporated, so I made it fairly prominent on the bag as the label.  There were also three “5’s” incorporated into the yarn – can you spot them all?

This cake was comprised of a chocolate devil’s food cake filled & frosted with vanilla moussaline buttercream and decorated in fondant.  The yarn skeins were made of rice crispy treats frosted in vannilla moussaline buttercream and decorated in fondant.  The needles were the only inedible piece to this cake, and were made out of sharpened painted dowels with gumpaste toppers.

Patricia's Yarn Cake

If you’re a knitter & ever find yourself in Hoboken – you should definitely check out Patricia’s shop!  I spent about an hour browsing through her vast selection of yarn and left with two giant bags full of yarn for 2 scarves & a winter blanket.  Patricia was also kind enough to give me a swift [which I totally love 😀 ] as a thank you!

Here are some additional detail shots of the cake …

Purple Yarn
Yellow Yarn
Jen and Patricia with cake

Latest Wedding Cake

Here’s the latest SweetElement creation … a fall wedding cake made as a wedding gift for a friend. Her request … a simple, elegant, fall-themed (with leaves) cake with her Charlie Brown topper incorporated. I think the end result turned out quite nice. All tiers were comprised of vanilla cake filled with strawberry preserves and frosted in buttercream and fondant. All the leaves were made out of gumpaste, and the tiers were adorned with ribbon on the bases. The biggest compliment (aside from a gushing appreciate bride), was seeing one of the slender female guests at our table eat two pieces of cake … AND yell at the servers who were trying to clear her cake plate when she still had a bite left. Now that’s a true compliment!

Fall Leaves Wedding Cake

Fall Leaves Wedding Cake Table

Red Velvet Love Cake

I admit I’ve been a photo slacker … big time … so I thought this would be a nice way to get back into the swing of things … 😀

Here’s the first cake I made for Digitas … it was a wedding shower cake for my boss … red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate heart cutouts as decoration.

Heart Cake

Pac-Man Cake

It’s been yet another cake day … with cake still left to decorate tomorrow for another birthday – STILL undecided on decoration for that one, but I do have until 2:30 PM or so to get it done … that leaves PLENTY of time, right? 😀

Here’s tonight’s 40 minute decorating creation for my video game loving friend and girlfriend whose birthdays I horribly forgot. Since my grandfather’s birthday got moved to next weekend (which I won’t be able to attend since I have plans that have already been set … and I will enjoy so much more than being with the family), and I already made his cake this morning – I figured I’d put it to good use since we had dinner plans with my friends this evenin.

Please excuse my horrible photoshopping. I need to use a non touch pad mouse to really do it any justice.